This light coloured brew, stemming from a deceivingly simple recipe, brings out a surprisingly deep beer. If you engage in conversation with this one, it will likely turn into a love affair and you may not want to let loose again.



A slightly darker and full bodied take on an Irish red. With a deep and rich malt base and a decent hop character, the only problem is figuring out when to drink it. Of course being Irish, it can be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner……well, before or after a meal as well…..or in between.



Not a stout, not a drop of espresso, it’s our take on what a match of beer and coffee looks and tastes like. It comes with a distinct elegant malt base, a lower caffeine content due to the pour over technique used for the coffee, bringing out a sweet and fruity aroma that linger around nicely. There’s nothing bitter about this one.



We thought our line-up would not be complete without a beer with a New Zealand pedigree and came up with this kiwiana brew. For the love of beer and Aotearoa…….argh bro, these bottles are too small!



Could be called a heavy light beer, as it is low in alcohol, but big in taste……it has the taste of »real« beer. You can have a couple of these and it’ll feel like you are drinking a lot of beer – without the buzz getting in the way of your story telling.


Pale Rider

A Pan Pacific pale ale with a well rounded malt base, and a hop concoction made up of AU galaxy, NZ cascade and US Amarillo, building the fruitiest alliance this side of the pacific. Peace!



A seasonal brew here at WCB, the traditional German Octoberfest beer. Named after the month in which it is brewed, March, it is a lager, slowly fermented over the (northern) summer months. We’ve been told there’s no better pairing to pretzels than this beer, so if you need an excuse to eat a few pretzels, well……



Clean, crisp, easy, fair, our take on this traditional Cologne brew. Warm fermented, then cold stored and with a prominent hoppiness, gives us a beer less bitter than standard pale lager. A refreshing and highly carbonated brew that goes down a treat when thirsty. Or whenever you are trying to prevent thirst!