Once upon a time, in the ancient land of Brew, an idea was born to two immigrants, Mark and Ole. It was a bold idea, to concoct an elixir that would rule over the palates of the people of Brew and satisfy their never ending thirst.

But Mark, from the land of Yankees and Ole, from the land of Vikings, both had other fish to fry at the time and also thought their idea was missing an all important component. Like a two-legged chair, they failed to keep their balance and the idea fell to the floor.

Then, like a magician realizing he has unused tricks up his sleeve, a man of the grape finally understood that his true calling was stirring a cauldron of grains and water. Carlos was his name and beer was now his game. He hailed from the land of poets and he brewed and he brewed, concoctions unlike any ever tasted before.

One day he invited his upstairs neighbour Mark over to sample his experiments. As Mark tasted and tasted…..oh my, these are bloody fantastic liquids…. he remembered his mate Ole and the two legged chair. He thought that maybe, just maybe, he had come across the magical third leg that would provide a solid footing and perfect balance for the chair.

Soon all three met and instantly the ideas started flying and they knew they had something very special to offer the people of Brew.

And so it happened, that from that day forward White Cloud Brewers ltd. was born and they endeavoured to make the best beer possible and show the people of Brew that they no longer have to endure the industrial swill they have been offered for far too long.

And they brewed happily ever after………